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Joshua Klumb is a farmer from rural Mount Vernon. He has farmed with his father Mark for the past nine years after graduating from Oklahoma Wesleyan University with a B.S in Business and Business Marketing.

Josh is very involved with activities at Mitchell Wesleyan Church where he serves as a member of the board of administration, and he serves as the churches director of technology.

Josh has been active in South Dakota politics since his teenage years serving as a page and as an intern in the South Dakota Legislature. Josh has just completed his first term as the District 20 Representative after serving for six years as a committee secretary for the Legislature and as secretary to the House Majority Leader.  As a former page himself he enjoyed being able to help manage the Legislative pages while they served the Legislature. He has worked full time on two statewide Republican campaigns and has volunteered for numerous other campaigns in the state.

He enjoys meeting people and listening to the issues that concern them. He is committed to doing whatever he can to keep South Dakota great.


Personal message from Josh:

Hello! As a fellow South Dakotan I’m sure you’re aware of just how great a place South Dakota is to live and raise a family. I have spent enough time outside of our state to truly appreciate just how unique our state is for its quality of life and closeness of its people. I would be honored to continue to serve you in Pierre because I know my passion for my state and my country combined with my conservative principles and knowledge of the legislative system will be a great asset in helping make decisions for South Dakota that will help ensure our state remains the great place it is to live, work and raise a family.

This campaign is about listening to you, serving you, and working to solve our challenges together. Please drop me a note and let me know which local and state issues are most important to you. If I have your support, would you also consider making a $20 contribution to help me get my message out to more voters? Small contributions from many people make sure the people’s voice is the loudest voice!

Thank you!